Get expert retail property leasing and investment advice and support from WADI Group.

Shopping Centers and Malls make up a major sector of retail property.

Shopping centers include regional and superregional malls; open-air configurations including neighborhood centers / markets, community centers and lifestyle centers; hybrid centers such as value-oriented mega-malls and entertainment-retail centers; and mixed-use developments. Other major retail property sectors include stand-alone retail buildings; restaurants; retail within office, industrial and residential developments; and special-purpose retail.

WADI Group provides retail solutions across Delhi / NCR to the clients; fulfilling their requirement with utmost satisfaction.

WADI Group understands the time sensitivity involved in commercial real estate needs and we ensure your best interests are secured in this fast moving market. 

Commercial real estate includes malls, office IT parks, restaurants, petrol pump, convenience stores and office towers.

We help our clients to lease or purchase all types of commercial accommodations including multi-tenant buildings, business & office parks and even mixed-use scenarios. 

Tenants, investors and developers of office property that need innovative and well-researched advice come to us.

WADI Group provides commercial space solutions across Delhi / NCR to the clients; fulfilling their requirement with utmost satisfaction.

Industrial spaces are manufacturing buildings and property, as well as warehouses. The buildings can be used for research, production, storage and distribution of goods. This is sometimes considered commercial real estate, even though the zoning, construction and sales are handled differently.

Industrial properties range from smaller sites that are often termed "flex" space or "R&D" properties; to warehouses; to small, medium & large, heavy manufacturing sites. These spaces are often listed with clear height specifications or the height from the floor to the lowest-hanging overhead obstruction, which could be 12 feet in a small building to more than 40 feet in a large industrial space.

Flex industrial space typically includes a mix of office and industrial uses, and is often found clustered in single-story industrial parks. Research labs, tech/telecom facilities and small-scale distribution businesses are among the typical tenants. Our experts can help you select optimal space that serves both your office and industrial needs, including configuring client/customer space, back office support space and storage/display areas. 

Manufacturing space runs the gamut from simple space in flex parks to heavy industrial requirements. Our experts help you gather and evaluate information on power and utilities, municipal regulations on waste and noise, and business incentives to make the optimal choice for your facility. Many of our professionals cultivate in-depth knowledge of specialized manufacturing facility types such as cold storage, food facilities, clean room space or chip manufacturing.

We support developers, owners and occupiers to buy, sell, lease, manage, develop, renovate and value industrial space.

WADI Group offers industrial space across Delhi / NCR, primarily in Udyog Vihar, Manesar, Pace City, Infocity, Mayapuri, Okhla, Mohan Co-operative, Noida etc.

Warehouse is a storage structure constructed for the protection of the quality and quantity of the stored produce. The need for a warehouse arises due to the time gap between production and consumption of products.

Warehousing and distribution space focuses on storing, sorting and moving products between destinations. Our professionals can provide distance analysis to help you evaluate the total cost of occupancy and making an informative decision.

We offer range of warehousing options across Delhi / NCR, matching the client requirements.

The concept of rental yield is fast catching the imagination of investors in India, especially those in the metros. Investors invest in a Pre- Leased property with a view to have fixed income.        

A pre-leased/pre-rented commercial property is a property which has already been rented out to a company/bank/retail brand and is on sale now. As the name indicates, it is already leased to a tenant at the time of sale, and is deriving a fixed income.

Such properties are sold at their rental yields. Rental Yield is essentially the regular return gained on investment, without considering the expected capital gain or loss from sale. The percentage return (rental yield) varies generally between 4.5% and 8%.

WADI Group offers a range of Pre-Leased property in Delhi / NCR to its clients, matching their investment criteria., HotDoodle™ Custom Web Design and Quality Affordable Website Designers for Small Businesses and Professionals
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