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Real Estate in India has taken its shape in recent decades only and the current decade promises to be one of the greatest opportunities it has provided. For us, the last few years have proved to be an exciting learning curve and we had to remain on firm footing and constantly broaden the horizons and activities of the WADI group to stay on top and take advantage of the opportunities. Given the fact the real estate industry as a whole has seen some tremendous ups and downs in the last few years, we as a group cannot help but feel immensely proud for not just having weathered the storm but grow and prosper in it.

WADI Group has been fortunate to have had a loyal investor base and has enjoyed the support of strong partners who continued to invest in ambitious projects even in the darkest periods of the credit crunch. We have had to constantly adapt and change our business strategy, but our core guiding philosophies remained the same throughout.

We have always believed that hard financial times serve as a furnace that forge truly great companies and the current period of uncertainty could well be described as our personal furnace.

In the real estate industry in India, the period of recession has actually proven to be a healthy purgative. For years, companies and organizations with low service standards hackneyed ideas and improper ethics flourished, buoyed by the period of sustained economic boom. With the ebbing of the tide, those companies that have continued to survive and prosper are the ones that are truly great.

We have certainly survived and our competitors, though fewer in number, are almost equally strong. This is definitely good news for the country's investor base and we are confident that the current competitive paradigm would push industry standards even higher.

Our aim now is to continue building and strengthening our presence, diversifying our expertise and broadening the range of investments we offer to our clients. In the arena of real estate, we will partake along with our partners in a number of exciting new projects, several of which are already underway.

In the end, we are confident that the WADI Group will continue to grow in the coming years and establish its position as one of the most dependable players in the real estate industry.

We thank you for showing an interest in our Company.

With Warm Regards,
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